Yemen: leader of 'al-Qaeda of Arabian Peninsula' liquidated

Yemen: leader of 'al-Qaeda of Arabian Peninsula' liquidated

Baku. 15 April. The terrorist group 'Al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula' declared about the death of one of the leaders, Ibrahim al-Rubaysh, informs referring to Russian Al Rubaysh killed in a US attackof unmanned aerial vehicle on the southern part of Yemen.

35-year-old native of Saudi Arabia was a prisoner in prison for terrorists at the US military base 'Guantanamo' in 2001-2006. After release, he moved to Yemen and joined the local branch of 'Al-Qaeda'.

For information about the terrorist was declared a reward of 5 million US dollars. According to US authorities, Al-Rubaysh not only provided the ideological base of terrorist activities, but also was involved in planning the attacks.


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