Johnson: UK will leave EU by 31 January 2020

Johnson: UK will leave EU by 31 January 2020

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is confident that the UK will leave the EU as planned - by January 31, 2020, informs citing the Interfax.

'We will be outside the EU (by January 31-ed.), and this is the main thing,' Johnson said on The BBC TV channel.

The Prime Minister stressed that by the end of next year, the UK must conclude a trade agreement with the EU.

'There is no reason why in the period from January to the end of next year, we have not finished with the free trade agreement and entered into a new excellent partnership with the EU,' Johnson said.

Notably, early elections in the UK will be held on December 12. Boris Johnson called for an early election when it became clear he would not be able to deliver on his Brexit promise on 31 October. The Prime Minister hopes that the new composition of Parliament will support his Brexit deal.


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