Constitutional Court of Moldova resigned in full

Constitutional Court of Moldova resigned in full

Judges of the Constitutional Court (CC) of Moldova decided to resign in full, informs the citing RIA Novosti.

'The judges of the constitutional court have resigned in full. Organs responsible for the appointment of new judges will be informed about the end of mandate and the exemption of judges of the constitutional court. Judge Vyacheslav Zaporozhan is authorized by the Plenum of the Constitutional Court to perform administrative duties of the chairman of the court till the selection of a new head,' the statement of constitutional court reads.

Earlier, the President of Moldova Igor Dodon said that the Venice Commission recognized the violations by the Constitutional Court of the Republic. In particular, the judges violated the Constitution by initiating the procedure for removal from office of the President of Moldova, giving the Prime Minister the right to sign a decree on the dissolution of Parliament. It is also established that the Parliament could not be dissolved until June 10, but not until the June 7, as announced in the Constitutional Court.

Notably, Chairman of the Constitutional Court Mihai Poalelungi resigned on June 20.


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